The New Middle East is a blog dedicated to international relations and politics, with particular focus on the Middle East (ME, short-hand). As a rule of thumb, the blog will highlight news articles and analysis pieces from online media, along with personal annotations either for or against (scroll down to Disclaimer for my political lens).

Key Features of the Middle East 

Imperialism: As a region located at the heart of Eurasia rich with vast energy reserves, the ME has long tingled the interests of external powers. In simple terms, it is undeniably a key strategic region and any nation/s that enjoy a relative degree of preponderance stand much to gain.

Dictatorship: Another distinctive feature of the ME, and more specifically the Gulf region, is that it constitutes perhaps the last segment on Planet Earth where autocratic monarchies are still the political norm.

Political Islam: It is impossible to speak of the ME without mention of political Islam. As a phenomenon, it is often projected in mainstream media through loose definitions in monolithic and ultimately mystifying terms.

Resistance: Millions of ordinary men and women across the Arab world have converged on to the proverbial Arab street to demand their rights. Although it remain a chapter that is very much unfolding, some of the main themes that the Arab Spring has raised include: freedom, dignity, independence, sovereignty and justice.

One of the key ideas of the New Middle East blog is that the geostrategic shape of the ME is largely defined by the inter-relationships between these factors. Therefore, to put one’s finger on where the region is headed it is imperative to identify the present and ever-changing condition of this equation.

Disclaimer: My views can be broadly defined as strongly anti-imperialist with a pungent dislike for autocratic dictatorships. I am avowedly pro-Resistance and can be classified as a political Islamist, depending on how broad a brush you choose to use.


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